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How To Make Sure You Choose The Right Paving Company

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There are several factors that go into the success of a paving project. Of these, maybe the most important is choosing the right paving company. The cost of the project, how long it takes to be completed, and the overall quality of the work are all inevitably tied to that decision. Here are four keys to sifting through the numerous paving companies offering their services and settling on the best one for your project.

Confirm What Materials The Paving Company Will Use

There are different grades of asphalt, so be wary of a company that speaks about the asphalt in general terms. Installing a lower quality asphalt can impact the quality of the pavement as well as its longevity.

Long story short, the money saved from purchasing low-grade asphalt today can lead to additional costs in future replacements. You should request that your paving company use a higher-grade asphalt that will last longer and save you money in the long run.

Evaluate Their References

As with other contractors, paving companies desiring your business should be able to provide references for their previous work. Your ideal paving company will have former clients in your area that they can direct you to speak with about their experience, and they’ll also have multiple reviews on their Google listing and/or social media channels that you can evaluate.  You are also able to ask to see pictures of their previous projects and ask questions about their process and how closely they have stuck to their schedules in the past.

Paving Company Quote Accuracy

Maybe the most underrated aspect of choosing a company is obtaining a proper quote. The quote you receive must be fairly accurate or you can end up wasting money on unused asphalt. You will likely pay for the entire load of asphalt because the company can’t return any unused portions, so a surefire way that untrustworthy paving companies drive up the price of a project is to get lazy with determining the amount of asphalt needed.

Your ideal paving company will provide you with a general inital quote, but they should take in multiple factors when quoting you for your final project including the exact size of the paving area and the type of paving material they will use.

Confirming What The Paving Company Will Include

You should receive a list of everything the company will include in their scope of work including a breakdown of how much each task will cost. Be sure that the paving company will lay the foundation and handle any decorative or aesthetic components that you require.

The right paving company will lay out their plans, experiences, and price tag in a way that’s easy for you to understand. As you interview the various paving companies in your area, take your time to confirm that they indeed have what it takes to complete your job with the highest quality.

What Is Reclaimed Asphalt Paving?

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Going green is more than just a trend; it’s an important focus on being more conscious of choices that affect the environment and leaving the world better for the next generation. While you may associate such an attitude with certain people and industries, it’s just as alive in the asphalt business as anywhere else. Producing and using reclaimed asphalt paving is just one example of how All County Construction is doing our part in practicing environmental responsibility.

Why Reclaim Asphalt?

Asphalt may not seem like something that’s recyclable, but it actually makes the top of the list in recycled products in North America. Reusing asphalt paving from removal projects, excavations, and excess orders not only keeps tons of the material out of landfills but also eliminates the need to quarry rock, refine and deliver oil, and produce greenhouse gas emissions for the creation of new asphalt. The environment benefits from this prevention of wasted asphalt paving and precious resources.

The recycled material is also known to last longer than its new counterpart, meaning that production of replacement asphalt, whether new or used, doesn’t need to occur as often. The icing on the cake is that reclaiming asphalt saves cities, businesses, and taxpayers billions of dollars.

What Is the Quality of Reclaimed Asphalt Paving?

If you worry that processing used asphalt diminishes its quality, you can rest assured that it maintains a high level of performance. Of course, the exact composite of each mixture will vary due to the different traits of the source material, such as how many times it had been resurfaced, hold old it is, and where it came from. However quality-control tests ensure the product will be suitable for a specific project, so recycled asphalt can replace virgin asphalt in nearly every case.

How Is Asphalt Paving Reclaimed?

The exact process depends on how the asphalt will be used, but generally, it requires milling a few inches or fully removing existing pavement. The material is then added to a new mix, usually as an aggregate substitute. Sometimes the process occurs at a plant, whereas other times it happens at the construction site.

During our milling and paving projects, we recycle the millings (old blacktop) and add them as aggregate to the new hot asphalt mix. Once we’re finished with a project, we make sure to leave the site clean and free of old rubble. If you’re ready to contribute to the billions saved each year in taxpayer money by reusing reclaimed asphalt paving to its fullest extent, then contact All County Construction to discuss your pavement project.


Why Spring Is a Good Time To Lay Asphalt

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When you have a damaged driveway or parking lot, you want to get it fixed right away. However, it may be in your best interest to make sure you get it done during the right time of year. The weather and temperature outside can greatly impact the longevity of your new asphalt. For many residential and commercial properties, the best time to hire paving services is spring. When the sun is out and the flowers are in full bloom, it is also time to repair damaged asphalt.


Spring Temperatures Are Ideal for Asphalt

Ultimately, you want to lay down new asphalt when it is roughly 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Regardless of which state you live in, the temperature will reach this threshold around springtime or early summertime. It is possible to pave a new driveway when the temperature is colder, but it will require a more complicated approach. Asphalt becomes more difficult to work with when it is colder outside, so the team may have problems during the paving. Higher temperatures may not necessarily impact the asphalt, but it will be harder for the team working for hours on end in the blistering sun.

Ultimately, you do not want the asphalt to thicken before it is laid. In cold temperatures, the asphalt can actually harden when it is still in the machinery. Even if the team can still lay out the asphalt, it can become uneven over the surface area. This will create problems for anyone driving over the structure. You may need to tear out the asphalt within a few years if the foundation is not strong enough.


Spring Weather Can Be Perfect for Laying Asphalt

You also want to check what the weather will be like when you plan on laying down new asphalt. Some sun and clouds are good, but you do not want it to rain. Spring occasionally brings showers, so you want to check the weather ahead of time to make sure it will not drizzle during your paving day. The base of the asphalt can become damaged when exposed to excessive levels of moisture. The excess water can also cause the asphalt to cool too quickly. You will be better off waiting until it is a dry spring afternoon.


All County Construction will make sure the weather is perfect before laying down your new asphalt. Our team has been working in the New York area for years, so we know when the weather is optimal for us to begin. Contact us to get started.


How to Decide If Stamped Concrete or Paver Bricks Are Best for You

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It’s not every day that you go shopping for a driveway, patio or walkway. You’ve seen stamped concrete and paver bricks. You have no idea how to choose between them. The one fact you do know is that you will live with the choice for a long time.
Start with what you know. There are boring natural-color grooved pavement slabs everywhere. You’ve seen decorative paver bricks on walkways, patios and driveways. Sometimes you see them on city streets.

You are looking for a surface that is beautiful, durable and affordable. This comparison will help you choose between stamped concrete surfaces and paver bricks.

Your New Surface Must Be Beautiful and Stay That Way

When you are out, take a close look at all the paver and natural stone surfaces you encounter. You may get a surprise. You will discover that many of those are stamped pavement rather than separate, assembled bricks. Pavers no longer corner the market on beauty.

Paver bricks come in a wide variety of patterns and colors. You can create any design you wish with the available shapes and colors. Stamped surfaces can create the same color and pattern effects as paver bricks. Also, they can imitate the randomness of shape and color that one gets from natural stone. Cobblestone and flagstone patterns are two common choices.

The durability of the Appearance is What Counts Most

How your surface looks depends on its installation and subsequent care. Broken or missing sections, puddles, uneven surfaces and weeds detract from its beauty.
Paver bricks are very durable, though a lot of that depends on site preparation. Weeds between the pavers detract from the look unless you think it adds character.
Stamped surfaces are also durable but can crack in time. However, control joints can invite a section to fracture someplace out of sight.

Nothing Else Matters If It Is Not Affordable

Whenever making a large purchase, the final decision often hinges on the cost. If you get bids for paver bricks and stamped concrete surfaces, expect the cost difference to be significant. Several factors contribute to these. Paver brick installation is labor-intensive.

Proper site preparation starts with excavation and a concrete border. Next come layers of fabric, Class II Road Base and sand. Finally, workers install the paver bricks on the sand.
Stamped surfaces require somewhat less labor, excavation and bed preparation. Most of the effort comes from stamping and giving it the expected look.

It’s Time to Have the Pavement You Always Wanted

All County Construction is ready to help. We can exceed all your residential and commercial pavement requirements. Contact us today for a free estimate using our online contact form.

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Six Reasons Asphalt Pavement Deserves Professional Attention

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Asphalt driveways and parking lots are tough, durable, and built to last. However, even the best asphalt will eventually start to show signs of wear and tear. Asphalt can be damaged by excessive heat and cold as well as by heavy use. Small cracks and other forms of damage can grow and spread, eventually affecting a large amount of the asphalt surface and lower layers. Because smooth, stable driving surfaces are so important to business operations, property owners choose to have All County Construction handle these repairs.

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Road Paving Company: How to Plan for Spring Paving in Rochester, NY

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Winter can take a toll on your asphalt pavement. Potholes form as the temperatures rise during the day to melt the snow, only to have ice form at night when the temperatures drop down to freezing. If road paving is on your agenda this coming spring, you’ll need to take some extra steps now to protect your existing pavement and ensure the job is done well and lasts as long as possible. 


Even if you aren’t planning on paving any roads this coming spring, you still need to prepare for winter to maintain the longevity of your roads. Prevention can be much more effective and less expensive than making repairs in the spring. Read More

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4 Reasons to Repair Your Commercial Parking Lot Now

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As a commercial property owner, you have numerous responsibilities, and upkeep of the building and surrounding land is one of the most important. Parking areas are crucial to daily operations, as they provide access to your facility for tenants and customers. If your lot has fallen into disrepair, here are four reasons why you should call a commercial paving contractor as soon as possible.

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3 Reasons to Sealcoat Your Commercial Asphalt

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We know that first impressions matter, and the asphalt on your commercial property is the first impression your clients or potential clients will receive of your business when they arrive. It is imperative that it is in good shape, allowing your business to be associated with quality, safety, and attention to detail. Sealcoat, which can be placed on your asphalt 12 months after the initial installation, should be redone every two to four years to keep the pavement in tip-top shape. Here are three important reasons why you should sealcoat your commercial asphalt as soon as possible. Read More

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As a professional commercial paving company, we strive to do the best we can with all the paving projects we receive. Our job isn’t done until our customer is completely satisfied. Contact us if you need any advice about your next paving project or would like a free estimate.

Fairport, NY – Hi Chance, just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the final outcome of our parking lot. From the time we got serious in discussing the project, it took over two years to get to the final completed state. A lot wringing of hands, differing opinions, concerns over cost, etc. But in the end, I feel we did the right things and have a quality end result. Thank you to you and others at All County Construction for the quality work you performed. I’ve received numerous compliments over the past week how great things look. Thanks again.

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