We deliver and install gravel products and crushed stone. If you have any questions about the advantages and disadvantages of our paving options, give us a call and we can offer suggestions based on our experience. We also excavate areas for deliveries if you need. Do you have any questions about driveway paving and sealcoats? We can answer your questions and offer advice based on your individual needs. We have different options for your deliveries:

  • Our 6-wheel dump trucks haul 9 tons or 6 yards
  • Our 10-wheel dump trucks haul 21 tons or 14 yards

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone, also known as crushed rocks, crusher stone, clean stone, and bluestone, has unique properties that make it ideal for various uses. It can be easily mixed with a binder, which it makes it useful for aggregate. Most commonly used for either a road base or surface, crushed stone looks best when layered two to three inches deep. It’s perfect for hiding recent excavation projects as well (excavation company rochester ny).

crushed stone

Crushed Stone Deliveries

Crushed Stone Options
O + I’s
# 1 CRS
# 2 CRS
Washed Stone
and more!

Gravel Products

Simple but appealing, gravel gives you several key advantages over alternate paving methods. To name a few, it’s cost effective, giving you a clean-kept landscape at low charge. It conforms to any shape you desire, limited only by garden edging, so it’s uses are widely variable. It’s also easy to maintain, with low-cost upkeep.

crushed stone

Gravel Stone Deliveries

Gravel Products
Bank Run Gravel
Fill Dirt
Pea Gravel
and more!

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