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Excavation Company

Our excavation services include site work, land clearing, drainage work, ponds, septic systems, catch basins, water lines, sewer lines, and culvert pipes. We work with both homeowners and commercial property owners.


We take care of any initial land clearing and excavation to prepare your site for a new installation, such as new asphalt pavement, sidewalk, patio, etc. Our team removes trees, shrubs, root systems,  and other land irregularities to get your site ready for installation.


If you have existing asphalt pavement, concrete, or sidewalks that are unkempt or beyond restoration, as your excavation contractor, we remove all the old material to make way for your new project.  We now use Insite Sitework Software which allows us to provide you with faster, more accurate takeoffs and site balancing options for your site project.


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Site Work

site work

Foundation Dig | All County Construction

We prepare the sites for any building project to ensure foundational stability. The foundation is crucial for the success of the construction process, which is why we take the time to lay the groundwork correctly the first time. If the site work is done professionally, the rest of the building process will go much more smoothly.

Land Clearing

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Land Clearing

We smooth the desired real estate for your building project by moving earth and soil. We either eliminate the extra debris or place it in your desired location.

Drainage Work

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Drainage Lines

Do you have struggling gardens that receive excess water? We can level the landscape for you and ensure your gardens survive by regulating where the rain water naturally flows.


excavation company webster ny

Ponds | All County Construction

Ponds regulate water suspension and prevent erosion. Our water retention systems provide needed irrigation for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Excavation ponds are most practical when only a small supply of water is needed.

Catch Basins

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The drainage system on your house is essential to direct runoff rainwater, and catch basins are vital to ensure the water is properly collected. If catch basins are not maintained regularly, the surrounding base will sink, which can then create puddles of standing water. We either fix the existing basin or make a new one to prevent runoff problems.

Septic Systems

Septic System | All County Construction

Septic System | All County Construction

When we install septic systems, we make sure to complete the entire process. After we get the new system installed, we rake the topsoil to make the landscape look untouched.

Sewer Lines

excavation company webster ny

Sewer Lines | All County Construction

We dig sewer lines with precision and accuracy so we can complete the job in one visit. We get the job done as quickly and professionally as possible.


excavation company webster ny

Waterlines | All County Construction

The backhoe we use for waterlines has the ideal width that creates the trench with the correct dimensions. Using the most ideal hoe speeds up the process significantly. In addition, we test the ground before we start digging to make sure we don’t destroy already laid piping systems in your lawn.

Culvert Pipe

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Culvert Pipe Installation

Excavation for culvert pipes is occasionally a meticulous process. We install them either beneath the pavement or adjacent to it, depending on the purpose of the project. We take into account the thickness of the pavement to make sure the culvert pipe is protected rather than damaged during the excavation process.

All County Construction has excavated large, full-scale properties as well as smaller sites for individual land owners.

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