Potholes – What Does Your Parking Lot Say About You?

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Had Enough of these Vicious Potholes?

Did you know first impressions occur within the first 7 seconds of recognition? You property owners invest a lot of time and money into your storefront branding to immediately impress your customers. But there’s something else about your property that will create a strong first impression even before your customers reach your door:

Your parking lot.

Pothole Repair Rochester NY

Potholes represent the most prevalent problem directly resulting from winter weather. In less than a month, the snow will melt to reveal countless potholes–we’re talking deep, craterous ditches–scattered throughout your parking lot. But it’s what you can expect for upstate New York; Weather.com reported Rochester to be the EIGHTH coldest city in America. Makes sense the coldest city would also have the most potholes.

What Message Does Your Parking Lot Send?

According to AAA, drivers pay a total of $6.4 billion annually toward pothole damage. With that in mind, what message does your parking lot give your customers? A smooth, freshly-sealed parking lot will demonstrate attention to detail, customer-consideration, and proper priority. On the flip side, a pitted, craterous parking lot indicates carelessness, forgetfulness, and misplaced priority. Which response does your parking lot incite?

Potholes Are Bad, But Are They ALL Bad?

If you’re familiar with the Pothole Project, you know some people actually can have fun with these annoying pavement problems. We can thank husband and wife Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano for turning these incredibly annoying and damaging holes into something humorous.

Pothole Repair Rochester NY

Pothole Repair Rochester NY

Pothole Repair Rochester NY

What Can You Do to Solve the Issue?

With our paving capabilities, you can maintain a positive response from your customers when they first roll into your parking lot. We patch and fill all potholes, even those we’ve previously repaired. We’ll help you create that irresistible first impression for your business.

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