When Should You Sealcoat or Repave Your Asphalt Driveway?

cracked pavement, needs repaving

It’s natural to be concerned when your driveway is showing ruts and cracks – especially if it leads to your place of business and it can affect how customers feel about coming to you. You’re probably thinking about whether you should consider sealcoating your deteriorating driveway or if it’s time for an asphalt paving job.

What’s the Best Way To Repair a Weathered Driveway?

Although sealcoating can be an easy fix, repeated applications can cause the driveway surface to look like cracked pottery glazing. This condition is called alligatoring and gets its name from its resemblance to an alligator hide. In its more severe form, the cracks can reach down into the pavement and it’s time to repave the driveway.

When you can insert a butter knife into the cracks, you need repaving. If the cracks are limited to the surface, however, the effect may only be cosmetic and the underlying pavement could be undamaged. In this case, sealcoat is an option, but if your driveway is an important part of your property or if it brings customers to your place of business, you should consider asphalt paving instead.

When Choosing Between Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating:

  • Don’t be swayed by drive-by contractors who promise low-cost services.
  • Schedule an inspection with an experienced and reputable professional.
  • Time is a factor. If your driveway leads to your place of business, you need to be sure the work is completed on schedule so there is minimal interruption.
  • Hire a professional who will be receptive to any issues that arise after the job is completed.
  • Consider your driveway’s drainage mechanics. Improper drainage can send rainfall toward spots where damage can occur.
  • A cosmetics-only approach can be an option if you’re comfortable with scheduling further maintenance later.


Don’t Let Things Get Worse – Get a Professional Estimate Instead

Contact us and one of our experienced professionals will visit your location to provide a free estimate. An inspection and an informative consultation with one of our driveway experts will help you to decide when to use sealcoating or asphalt paving to restore your driveway.

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